Agency Title Date Pos Neg Neu Compound ◣ Sent
USA After repeated ATF warnings, gun dealers can count on the agency to back off; sometimes firearms flow to criminals 2021-05-26 0.054 0.157 0.789 -1.0 -0.103
VICE The Chilling Murder of a Chinese Student on a US Campus, and Why Justice Is Elusive 2021-10-01 0.075 0.175 0.749 -1.0 -0.1
DAILYMAIL Why was Poppy Day bomber still in UK after SEVEN years of failed asylum requests? Home Office under fire as it's claimed terrorist 'converted to Christianity to get visa' as Liverpool Cathedral curate warns 'many abuse system' by pretending to find Jesus 2021-11-16 0.056 0.124 0.82 -1.0 -0.068
DAILYMAIL England and Italy fans brawl in London's West End as violence breaks out following Euros 2020 final - as police make 49 arrests and 19 officers are injured by 'volatile crowds' 2021-07-12 0.056 0.223 0.722 -1.0 -0.167
DAILYMAIL 'We should be holding our breath': Head of Britain's armed forces warns Kabul evacuations are at their most dangerous phase as final flights take place today amid warnings of rising ISIS-K terror threat to UK 2021-08-28 0.067 0.185 0.748 -1.0 -0.118
DAILYMAIL French presidential hopeful Michel Barnier vows to TEAR UP border treaty with Britain and let ALL migrants travel to the UK to claim asylum after 'petulant' Macron's bust-up with Boris over tragedy that killed 27 2021-11-27 0.06 0.166 0.774 -1.0 -0.106
DAILYMAIL BREAKING NEWS: Biden says he'll sanction two Russian banks, oligarchs and cut off Western money in response to the 'beginning' of Putin's invasion: Tears into Russian leader for thinking he has the 'right' to call parts of Ukraine his own and sends in MORE troops 2022-02-22 0.07 0.113 0.817 -1.0 -0.043
NYT Closing Arguments in Arbery Killing Trial: Live Updates 2021-11-23 0.048 0.191 0.761 -1.0 -0.143
DAILYMAIL Career criminal who had felony robbery charges downgraded under DA Alvin Bragg when he threatened TJ Maxx worker with a pair of scissors is arrested AGAIN for sucker-punching NYC sanitation worker on the job 2022-02-10 0.046 0.199 0.755 -1.0 -0.153
DAILYMAIL Ukraine's desperate battle for freedom: Soldier blows himself up on bridge to slow down Russians and 'saboteurs' are gunned down in the street after hijacking truck as intense fighting breaks out 2022-02-25 0.054 0.152 0.795 -1.0 -0.098
NYT Afghan War Casualty Report: May 2021 2021-05-16 0.041 0.337 0.622 -1.0 -0.296
ALJAZEERA The long fight to criminalise rape in marriage 2021-06-15 0.06 0.23 0.709 -1.0 -0.17
BBC I get abuse and threats online - why can't it be stopped? 2021-10-17 0.086 0.218 0.696 -1.0 -0.132
DAILYMAIL Arthur's monster stepmother jailed for LIFE: Evil killer who tortured, poisoned and mocked six-year-old as he begged for food and lay dying is jailed for 29 years as pitiless father who forced his son to live in hell is locked up for 21 years 2021-12-03 0.069 0.165 0.766 -1.0 -0.096
BREITBART ***Live Updates*** Suicide Bombing Outside Kabul Airport 2021-08-26 0.037 0.174 0.789 -1.0 -0.137
DAILYMAIL Eco mob returns to cause more chaos before COP26: Angry drivers haul Insulate Britain activists away after they block streets in Southwark Bridge, Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street during half-term 2021-10-25 0.05 0.201 0.75 -1.0 -0.151
DAILYMAIL EXCLUSIVE: Victims of Met Police corruption, incompetence and malpractice from Doreen Lawrence to Lady Brittan and Paul Gambaccini pen landmark letter telling Boris Johnson to ditch disaster-prone Commissioner Cressida Dick NOW 2021-09-08 0.085 0.161 0.753 -1.0 -0.076
DAILYMAIL Incel gunman filmed sauntering away after killing girl, three: CCTV shows 'incel' killer strolling down Plymouth street with a shotgun in the middle of rampage that killed five - while telling survivors 'nothing to worry about mate' 2021-08-13 0.068 0.164 0.768 -1.0 -0.096
VICE The Shooter’s Wife: Noor Salman, Wife of the Pulse Nightclub Gunman, Is Ready to Speak 2021-10-13 0.063 0.166 0.771 -1.0 -0.103
DAILYMAIL First picture of Sir David Amess murder suspect, 25, who 'was flagged as extremism risk by teachers when he was still at school at least FIVE YEARS ago' and was 'radicalised by watching videos of hate preacher Anjem Choudary' 2021-10-18 0.086 0.161 0.753 -1.0 -0.075
DAILYMAIL REVEALED: Alex Murdaugh 'pocketed' $4 MILLION insurance payout from sons of housekeeper who died at his home after telling them to sue HIM for wrongful death 2021-09-17 0.04 0.205 0.755 -1.0 -0.165
DAILYMAIL Kabul airport WILL reopen today as more US soldiers arrive after eight people died and stowaways plunged to their deaths - amid fears chaos could provide an opening for a terrorist attack 2021-08-17 0.073 0.119 0.808 -1.0 -0.046
ATLANTIC An Epidemic of Disbelief 2019-07-15 0.065 0.182 0.753 -1.0 -0.117
DAILYMAIL 'Why bring race into it?': MSNBC's Joy Reid sparks fury after calling Kyle Rittenhouse a 'Karen' who uses 'male, white tears' to defend himself after 'getting caught' and compares teen to Justice Kavanaugh 2021-11-18 0.076 0.212 0.712 -1.0 -0.136
DAILYMAIL Germans will be 'vaccinated, cured or dead' in a few months, health minister warns as country mulls compulsory jabs and Austria wakes up to life in lockdown amid Europe's Covid crisis 2021-11-22 0.06 0.154 0.787 -1.0 -0.094
DAILYMAIL The chilling videos that show how little Star never stood a chance: Self-styled 'psycho' female bouncer boasts on Snapchat she would 'kneecap' anyone who stood in way of her and her girlfriend and is seen raining powerful blows on punchbag 2021-12-14 0.063 0.162 0.776 -1.0 -0.099
DAILYMAIL EXCLUSIVE: 'You can't go anywhere without being fearful.' Families of gun violence victims in Baltimore - dubbed 'a bit of Haiti in the mid-Atlantic' by Tucker Carlson - blast Democrat leaders for failing to take action after deadliest January in 50 years 2022-02-08 0.045 0.208 0.747 -1.0 -0.163
DAILYMAIL Putin 'on brink of invading': US intelligence says final plans in place with 190,000 troops ready to strike, as Ukraine begs for West to 'act now' and Americans in Russia warned of terrorist threat 2022-02-20 0.053 0.123 0.824 -1.0 -0.07
DAILYMAIL 'We are here, in Kyiv, defending Ukraine': President Zelensky posts video of himself as Russian troops advance on capital after he told EU leaders 'this may be the last time you see me alive' 2022-02-25 0.098 0.151 0.751 -1.0 -0.053
DAILYMAIL Nazi 'secretary of evil', 96, is released from custody after she was held for five days following her attempt to avoid trial over her role at WWII death camp 2021-10-05 0.037 0.178 0.786 -1.0 -0.141
INTERCEPT Meet the Riot Squad: Right-Wing Reporters Whose Viral Videos Are Used to Smear BLM 2021-05-13 0.067 0.18 0.753 -1.0 -0.113
ATLANTIC What Happened to American Childhood? 2020-04-14 0.08 0.136 0.784 -1.0 -0.056
HUFFPOST Revealed: Even More Insurrectionists Have Histories Of Violence Against Women 2021-06-11 0.021 0.297 0.681 -1.0 -0.276
DAILYMAIL 'The invasion of Ukraine has begun': Sajid Javid issues stark warning as Boris Johnson vows 'first barrage of sanction' are ready to go after Putin ordered his troops to go in on a 'peacekeeping mission', prompting condemnation from the West 2022-02-22 0.084 0.127 0.788 -1.0 -0.043
DAILYMAIL Kamala says U.S. must 'put ourselves out there' to help divert Russian war following meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky in Germany and VP admits there will be 'some costs' associated with involvement and says diplomatic path is 'narrowing' 2022-02-20 0.062 0.158 0.78 -1.0 -0.096
DAILYMAIL Smiling 'evil' stepmother is jailed for 25 years for murdering Star Hobson while 16-month-old girl's 'cruel and callous' mother is put behind bars for eight years for letting her die after social services missed five chances to save her 2021-12-15 0.082 0.169 0.749 -1.0 -0.087
DAILYMAIL Alex Murdaugh is driven to JAIL with a police escort as he is CHARGED with 'paying hitman to kill him so surviving son would get $10m insurance' three months after wife and son were found murdered 2021-09-16 0.037 0.189 0.774 -1.0 -0.152
DAILYMAIL 'It's not what we stand for': Gareth Southgate slams 'unforgivable' racist abuse of Rashford, Sancho and Saka after penalty misses - as Prince William and Boris Johnson also condemn vile posts 2021-07-12 0.08 0.223 0.697 -1.0 -0.143
NYT Live Updates: D.A. Will Ask Judge to Vacate 2 Convictions in Malcolm X Murder 2021-11-18 0.044 0.173 0.783 -1.0 -0.129
DAILYMAIL EXCLUSIVE: Rust director Joel Souza looks distraught as he is seen for the first time since the on-set shooting that killed camerawoman Halyna Hutchins 2021-10-27 0.068 0.143 0.789 -1.0 -0.075
DAILYMAIL Charles heads to Royal Deeside for 'Andrew crisis talks': Prince of Wales heads to his residence near Balmoral where embattled Duke of York is staying with the Queen after new Virginia Roberts sex assault claims 2021-08-12 0.055 0.167 0.779 -1.0 -0.112
DAILYMAIL So much for 'Taliban 2.0': Kabul 'car thief' is tarred and tied to pick-up and paraded through streets and fighters are accused of shooting a woman dead for not wearing a burqa in rural province 2021-08-18 0.065 0.154 0.781 -1.0 -0.089
GUARDIAN The great betrayal: how the Hillsborough families were failed by the justice system 2021-10-21 0.094 0.164 0.743 -1.0 -0.07
DAILYMAIL Tears for a murdered husband and father: Sir David Amess’ heartbroken widow and daughters view floral tributes left for tragic Tory MP at Southend church where he was killed after 'being chosen at random by terror attacker’ 2021-10-18 0.082 0.168 0.751 -1.0 -0.086
ATLANTIC After 9/11, the U.S. Got Almost Everything Wrong 2021-09-08 0.087 0.193 0.72 -1.0 -0.106
DAILYMAIL 10,000 people sign petition to ban guns from sets: Director and friend of cinematographer killed by Baldwin asks him to use his influence to make Hollywood change 2021-10-23 0.059 0.197 0.744 -1.0 -0.138
DAILYMAIL Angela Merkel visits flood-hit areas as German death toll rises above 180 and engineers race to repair dam that is STILL unstable and at risk of collapse 2021-07-18 0.055 0.193 0.752 -1.0 -0.138
VICE Indigenous Australians Keep Dying in Police Custody 2021-10-26 0.049 0.163 0.788 -1.0 -0.114
DAILYMAIL Alec Baldwin ignored the golden rule of gun safety by pointing pistol at someone and it should never have been loaded, expert says: Star tweets article that he was told gun was safe as he attends memorial for cinematographer he shot 2021-10-23 0.072 0.179 0.749 -1.0 -0.107
NYT Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Counts: Live Updates 2021-11-20 0.095 0.135 0.771 -1.0 -0.04