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DAILYMAIL Parents of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley appear 'sullen and show no remorse' as they are held in jail after their son 'killed four students and injured seven others' 2021-12-05 0.059 0.147 0.794 -1.0 -0.088
DAILYMAIL Susanna Reid cries as Arthur Labinjo-Hughes' grandmother breaks down in tears on GMB while condemning police and social service for failing him as PM backs calls for new 'Arthur's law' 2021-12-07 0.064 0.158 0.777 -1.0 -0.094
DAILYMAIL Football fans applaud for little Arthur in sixth minute to mark his six years of life as 'unduly lenient' sentences for his father and stepmother are sent for review while video shows killer couple eating McDonald's yards from starving boy 2021-12-04 0.071 0.164 0.765 -1.0 -0.093
CBS "48 Hours" show schedule 2021-12-05 0.069 0.216 0.714 -1.0 -0.147
DAILYMAIL 'Retired and loving it!': LinkedIn boast of £122k-a-year Children's Services boss who LEFT before trial of tragic Arthur's parents - as outrage grows over failures that led to murder of little boy who was on the radar for THREE YEARS 2021-12-03 0.065 0.148 0.787 -1.0 -0.083
DAILYMAIL Little Arthur's step-mum is found GUILTY of his murder and father is convicted of manslaughter after pair tortured, starved and beat boy, 6, to death - as cop bodycam footage shows self-pitying murderer crying and claiming rake-thin boy beat HER 2021-12-02 0.061 0.155 0.783 -1.0 -0.094
DAILYMAIL Arthur's monster stepmother jailed for LIFE: Evil killer who tortured, poisoned and mocked six-year-old as he begged for food and lay dying is jailed for 29 years as pitiless father who forced his son to live in hell is locked up for 21 years 2021-12-03 0.069 0.165 0.766 -1.0 -0.096
MOTHERJONES In Syria’s Endless War Health Workers Are Not Only Collateral Damage—They’re Targets 2021-12-03 0.079 0.173 0.748 -1.0 -0.094
DAILYMAIL Parents of school shooter Ethan Crumbley are placed on suicide watch as they weep in court after judge sets bail at $500K: Cops investigate accomplice suspected of helping them hide out in Detroit art studio 2021-12-04 0.059 0.151 0.79 -1.0 -0.092
DAILYMAIL ‘She should have trouble sleeping. I know I do’: Holocaust survivor, 86, addresses trial of 96-year-old Nazi ‘secretary of evil’ accused of being accessory to more than 11,000 murders at Polish death camp 2021-12-07 0.043 0.163 0.794 -1.0 -0.12