Agency Title Date Pos Neg Neu Compound ◣ Sent
DAILYMAIL Bloody battle for Kharkiv: Ukrainians are urged to defend second city with guns and Molotov cocktails as fierce fighting breaks out after Russian troops breach centre 2022-02-27 0.053 0.181 0.766 -1.0 -0.128
DAILYMAIL Burned-out rocket launchers used in latest ISIS-K attack on Kabul airport lie inside car that burst into flames after the assault following US drone strike on jihadists 'which killed six children' 2021-08-30 0.104 0.137 0.759 -1.0 -0.033
DAILYMAIL Mother of Waukesha SUV parade 'killer' regrets posting his $1,000 bail after he ran over his girlfriend just days earlier: 'I'm blaming myself' 2021-11-24 0.08 0.164 0.756 -1.0 -0.084
DAILYMAIL 'Raging' Putin praises his special forces for 'heroically carrying out their military duties' in new televised address - as Ukraine invasion falls 'well-behind timeline' and minister says 'his days are numbered' if he fails 2022-02-27 0.065 0.144 0.791 -1.0 -0.079
DAILYMAIL Clean-up costing 'billions' begins after German floods: Locals band together to begin moving debris from shattered towns as Merkel describes the scene as ‘terrifying’ and death toll passes 180 2021-07-18 0.054 0.189 0.758 -1.0 -0.135
DAILYMAIL Final US flights leave Kabul before Taliban takes over: Jets depart 'every 20 minutes' before tomorrow's midnight deadline after ISIS-K launched five rockets at airport 2021-08-30 0.112 0.168 0.72 -1.0 -0.056
DAILYMAIL Judge DROPS Kyle Rittenhouse's misdemeanor gun charge and warns that prosecution's evidence could see the case 'fall like a house of cards' as both sides prepare for closing arguments 2021-11-15 0.057 0.205 0.739 -1.0 -0.148
DAILYMAIL San Francisco's woke DA FINALLY wakes up to organized gangs looting stores: Nine people are charged after 20 people ransacked Louis Vuitton store - but Chesa Boudin blames the COPS for not arresting more people for thefts 2021-11-23 0.053 0.161 0.786 -1.0 -0.108
INTERCEPT Episode Three: The Trial 2022-02-15 0.087 0.15 0.763 -1.0 -0.063
DAILYMAIL 'We will destroy the occupiers': President Zelensky's warning to Putin as Kyiv mayor imposes a 48-hour curfew lasting until MONDAY and Ukrainian civilian death toll hits 198 2022-02-26 0.064 0.18 0.755 -1.0 -0.116
NPR How the Attica prison uprising started — and why it still resonates today 2021-10-27 0.079 0.16 0.762 -1.0 -0.081
ATLANTIC An Epidemic of Disbelief 2019-07-15 0.065 0.182 0.753 -1.0 -0.117
DAILYMAIL Police reveal Plymouth incel killer’s youngest victim was girl, aged three, as it is claimed his mum ‘tried to get him mental health support’ but he was still able to KEEP gun licence before he shot five dead on rampage 2021-08-13 0.069 0.159 0.772 -1.0 -0.09
DAILYMAIL 'A mission unlike anything we've seen in our lifetimes': Boris Johnson praises UK troops on last flight out of Kabul ahead of 'remorseless deadline' - but PM says Britain 'will return' after 150 Brits and 1,000 Afghans were left behind 2021-08-29 0.078 0.134 0.788 -1.0 -0.056
ABC America has a gun violence problem. What do we do about it? 2021-10-25 0.051 0.256 0.693 -1.0 -0.205
FOREIGNPOLICY The Death Penalty Isn’t African. It’s a Legacy of Colonialism. 2021-11-11 0.073 0.287 0.64 -1.0 -0.214
DAILYMAIL Ex-chief immigration officer warns migrants 'know they've won the jackpot' when they arrive in Britain as Channel crossings hit a record 4,000 and 'exasperated' Boris Johnson orders review into crisis 2021-11-20 0.058 0.136 0.807 -1.0 -0.078
DAILYMAIL Biden calls the Waukesha parade carnage 'horrific' in first statement on the tragedy: President says he and Jill are praying for the five dead and 40 injured and we 'don't have all the facts yet' 2021-11-22 0.057 0.13 0.813 -1.0 -0.073
DAILYMAIL Emotional Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear reveals 64 people including 5-month-old baby and five other children have been confirmed dead and more than 100 are still missing after state's worst ever storm 2021-12-13 0.064 0.204 0.732 -1.0 -0.14
VICE He Murdered 5 People. But Before Then, He Made a Movie About It. 2022-02-11 0.071 0.149 0.779 -1.0 -0.078
DAILYMAIL Russian armoured tanks painted with a letter 'Z' move towards Ukraine border in huge convoys and eastern region is rocked by shelling as British expats vow to 'fight like devils' 2022-02-20 0.067 0.136 0.797 -1.0 -0.069
DAILYMAIL 'They try to scare us, or what?': Haunting last video of Ukrainian guards on Snake Island after they told Russian warship demanding their surrender to 'go f**k themselves'... before all 13 soldiers were wiped out in missile attack 2022-02-25 0.051 0.172 0.777 -1.0 -0.121
INTERCEPT Meet the Riot Squad: Right-Wing Reporters Whose Viral Videos Are Used to Smear BLM 2021-05-13 0.067 0.18 0.753 -1.0 -0.113
DAILYBEAST He Robbed a Taco Joint With a Toy Water Gun for $264. He Got Life in Prison. 2021-05-31 0.081 0.136 0.783 -1.0 -0.055
HUFFPOST Revealed: Even More Insurrectionists Have Histories Of Violence Against Women 2021-06-11 0.021 0.297 0.681 -1.0 -0.276
DAILYMAIL Boris Johnson says 'critical' food and water workers, electricians, soldiers and train drivers can ignore isolation rules to keep the 'United Pingdom' open with 1.7m in quarantine – but the rest of us will have to lump it for another MONTH 2021-07-19 0.08 0.119 0.801 -1.0 -0.039
DAILYMAIL Prince Andrew can still be tried for sex abuse claims in civil case even if he never steps foot back in America - and faces damages 'in the millions' if he loses 2021-08-10 0.072 0.151 0.777 -1.0 -0.079
GUARDIAN The unravelling of a conspiracy: were the 16 charged with plotting to kill India’s prime minister framed? 2021-08-12 0.046 0.153 0.802 -1.0 -0.107
NYT Why Was Vicha Ratanapakdee Killed? 2021-08-17 0.076 0.136 0.788 -1.0 -0.06
DAILYMAIL Britain's Afghan evacuation will end 'in matter of hours' and the 1,000 people already inside Kabul airport will be the last to be flown out - amid fears ISIS will strike again following attack that killed 103 people, including 13 US troops 2021-08-27 0.083 0.162 0.755 -1.0 -0.079
DAILYMAIL 'I wasn't sure if I was ready': Doubts of 24-year-old head armorer who was in charge of guns on Alec Baldwin film after being brought up by her legendary gunsmith father - as crew tell how they walked off set over safety 2021-10-23 0.067 0.184 0.749 -1.0 -0.117
DAILYMAIL Eco mob returns to cause more chaos before COP26: Angry drivers haul Insulate Britain activists away after they block streets in Southwark Bridge, Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street during half-term 2021-10-25 0.05 0.201 0.75 -1.0 -0.151
DAILYMAIL ALL men must tackle sexual violence: Camilla delivers her strongest speech as she demands 'how many more women must be raped or murdered before society dismantles culture that shames the victim' after the brutal deaths of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa 2021-10-27 0.094 0.243 0.663 -1.0 -0.149
GUARDIAN ‘There was a bounty on my head’: the chilling rise of the death threat 2021-11-10 0.048 0.227 0.725 -1.0 -0.179
DAILYMAIL Why was Poppy Day bomber still in UK after SEVEN years of failed asylum requests? Home Office under fire as it's claimed terrorist 'converted to Christianity to get visa' as Liverpool Cathedral curate warns 'many abuse system' by pretending to find Jesus 2021-11-16 0.056 0.124 0.82 -1.0 -0.068
DAILYMAIL's EXCLUSIVES told the real explosive stories behind the night Kyle Rittenhouse killed two men in self defense - from the criminal records of the victims to the evidence withheld by the DA 2021-11-19 0.054 0.193 0.753 -1.0 -0.139
DAILYMAIL THIRD night of violence on streets of Europe over Covid clampdowns: Rioters light fires and pelt police with rocks in Holland following clashes in Brussels hours after Germany revealed COMPULSORY vaccinations are 'unavoidable' 2021-11-22 0.059 0.151 0.79 -1.0 -0.092
DAILYMAIL Pictured: Driver of SUV that plowed through crowds at Waukesha Christmas parade: Amateur rapper, 39, was bailed out of jail TWO DAYS before 'killing five and injuring 40' in red truck 2021-11-22 0.051 0.146 0.803 -1.0 -0.095
DAILYMAIL 'Retired and loving it!': LinkedIn boast of £122k-a-year Children's Services boss who LEFT before trial of tragic Arthur's parents - as outrage grows over failures that led to murder of little boy who was on the radar for THREE YEARS 2021-12-03 0.065 0.148 0.787 -1.0 -0.083
DAILYMAIL Football fans applaud for little Arthur in sixth minute to mark his six years of life as 'unduly lenient' sentences for his father and stepmother are sent for review while video shows killer couple eating McDonald's yards from starving boy 2021-12-04 0.071 0.164 0.765 -1.0 -0.093
DAILYMAIL 'This is a win even though Daunte won't be coming home': Wright's mother celebrates Kim Potter's manslaughter conviction but admits she is in 'shock and disbelief' that the former cop was found guilty 2021-12-24 0.065 0.179 0.756 -1.0 -0.114
DAILYMAIL War breaks out between Priti Patel and 'rude and unprofessional' Sadiq Khan over disastrous handling of firing of Cressida Dick - as family blasts scandal-plagued Met Police chief's non-apology to victims 2022-02-11 0.094 0.174 0.732 -1.0 -0.08
DAILYMAIL Biden says Putin WILL invade within days as Russian battle unit arrives minutes from border: Massive blast 'rips through gas pipeline' near Russian separatist city in eastern Ukraine after 'false flag' car bomb and mass evacuation of 700,000 Russian civilians 2022-02-18 0.05 0.158 0.792 -1.0 -0.108
DAILYMAIL Brace for another battering! Met Office names third storm in a WEEK with Franklin to hit Northern Ireland on Monday after 70mph winds and floods TODAY as £300m Eunice clear up continues 2022-02-20 0.072 0.13 0.798 -1.0 -0.058
DAILYMAIL Kamala says U.S. must 'put ourselves out there' to help divert Russian war following meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky in Germany and VP admits there will be 'some costs' associated with involvement and says diplomatic path is 'narrowing' 2022-02-20 0.062 0.158 0.78 -1.0 -0.096
DAILYMAIL Terrified Sky News crew race for cover as they come under mortar fire during live broadcast from eastern Ukraine 2022-02-25 0.039 0.158 0.803 -1.0 -0.119
DAILYMAIL Nazi 'secretary of evil', 96, who went on the run to avoid trial over her role at WWII death camp finally appears in court strapped into an ambulance chair as case gets underway 2021-10-19 0.042 0.163 0.796 -1.0 -0.121
DAILYMAIL Families torn apart by Putin’s war: Heartbreaking picture of Ukrainian schoolgirl who was shot dead while trying to escape Kyiv– as 16 children are killed and 45 injured in conflict 2022-02-28 0.064 0.159 0.777 -1.0 -0.095
USA After repeated ATF warnings, gun dealers can count on the agency to back off; sometimes firearms flow to criminals 2021-05-26 0.054 0.157 0.789 -1.0 -0.103
VICE The Shooter’s Wife: Noor Salman, Wife of the Pulse Nightclub Gunman, Is Ready to Speak 2021-10-13 0.063 0.166 0.771 -1.0 -0.103
DAILYMAIL Eco mob block M25 in Surrey for the THIRD time this week and dump paint on the road - as police in Essex FINALLY take action and arrest protestors within minutes before they cause more chaos 2021-09-17 0.07 0.153 0.777 -1.0 -0.083
HUFFPOST Home Isn’t A Guarantee For Survivors Fleeing Domestic Abusers During COVID-19 2021-06-09 0.065 0.225 0.71 -1.0 -0.16
ALJAZEERA The long fight to criminalise rape in marriage 2021-06-15 0.06 0.23 0.709 -1.0 -0.17
JACOBIN Operation Barbarossa Was a War of Racial Annihilation 2021-06-22 0.05 0.177 0.773 -1.0 -0.127
CNN US School Violence Fast Facts 2021-09-30 0.014 0.232 0.754 -1.0 -0.218
CBS Self-defense or murder? Shooting death divides a community 2021-08-07 0.076 0.172 0.752 -1.0 -0.096
DAILYMAIL Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer and Priti Patel lay flowers at David Amess murder scene in show of unity as police search two London homes and say terror attack could be linked to Islamist extremism after Tory MP was 'stabbed 17 times' 2021-10-16 0.11 0.159 0.731 -1.0 -0.049
DAILYMAIL Cressida Dick warns 'no one is above the law' when asked about Prince Andrew 'rape' claims and orders Met Police review of case - as Charles believes his brother will never return to public life 2021-08-12 0.065 0.151 0.783 -1.0 -0.086
DAILYMAIL Tears for a murdered husband and father: Sir David Amess’ heartbroken widow and daughters view floral tributes left for tragic Tory MP at Southend church where he was killed after 'being chosen at random by terror attacker’ 2021-10-18 0.082 0.168 0.751 -1.0 -0.086
DAILYMAIL 'The buck stops with me,' says Biden but then proceeds to blame Afghan fiasco on Trump and locaIs who failed to fight the Taliban - before ducking questions and fleeing for Camp David 2021-08-16 0.08 0.165 0.755 -1.0 -0.085
DAILYMAIL Alex Murdaugh is driven to JAIL with a police escort as he is CHARGED with 'paying hitman to kill him so surviving son would get $10m insurance' three months after wife and son were found murdered 2021-09-16 0.037 0.189 0.774 -1.0 -0.152
DAILYMAIL The refugee crisis so big it can be seen from space: Satellite images show traffic jams outside Kabul airport as Taliban make entry impossible for Afghans fleeing threat of persecution 2021-08-18 0.073 0.123 0.804 -1.0 -0.05
DAILYMAIL Pictured: 96-year-old Nazi ‘secretary of evil’ who went on the run ahead of her trial in Germany for her role in mass murders carried out at WWII death camp 2021-10-01 0.037 0.179 0.784 -1.0 -0.142
GUARDIAN The great betrayal: how the Hillsborough families were failed by the justice system 2021-10-21 0.094 0.164 0.743 -1.0 -0.07
NYT How a Genetic Trait in Black People Can Give the Police Cover 2021-05-15 0.038 0.18 0.783 -1.0 -0.142
DAILYMAIL Police fire rubber bullets to clear demonstration at Melbourne's war memorial after protesters threw bottles and refused to leave - as third day of rallies by construction workers and anti-vaxxers again turns violent 2021-09-22 0.051 0.178 0.771 -1.0 -0.127
VICE Indigenous Australians Keep Dying in Police Custody 2021-10-26 0.049 0.163 0.788 -1.0 -0.114
DAILYMAIL Nazi 'secretary of evil', 96, was informed 'down to the last detail' of every murder method used at Stutthof concentration camp, trial hears as she denies complicity in more than 10,000 deaths 2021-10-27 0.042 0.163 0.796 -1.0 -0.121
DAILYMAIL R Kelly, 54, faces 100 years in prison after he is found GUILTY of all nine counts of sex trafficking and racketeering: R&B star recruited and sexually abused women, girls and boys over three decades 2021-09-27 0.049 0.147 0.804 -1.0 -0.098
DAILYMAIL 'You're NOT helping the cause, you're making people HATE you': Moment furious motorist confronts eco-anarchists blocking M25 for FOURTH time in week as police hold back another angry driver yelling at sit-down mob 2021-09-20 0.063 0.163 0.774 -1.0 -0.1
DAILYMAIL Fury at under-fire Met Police over 'derisory' advice to women to 'wave down a BUS' if they don't trust a male officer as force faces backlash over 'deeply insulting' guidance amid 'serious questions' at missed chances to stop killer cop 2021-10-01 0.056 0.203 0.74 -1.0 -0.147
DAILYMAIL Poppy Day suicide bomber built 'Mother of Satan' explosive packed with ball bearings: Jordanian national who told friends he was from Syria and Iraq 'plotted massacre as revenge for having his asylum requests to stay in UK repeatedly rejected' 2021-11-16 0.064 0.13 0.807 -1.0 -0.066
DAILYMAIL Psaki REFUSES to comment on Biden calling Kyle Rittenhouse a 'white supremacist' but says we shouldn't 'have vigilantes patrolling our communities with assault weapons' when asked about the trial 2021-11-16 0.064 0.151 0.785 -1.0 -0.087
DAILYMAIL BLM protesters scream at Kyle Rittenhouse supporters as tensions flare on courthouse steps: Journalists hire armed guards and police try to ease 'anxiety' as jury deliberations continue 2021-11-16 0.059 0.201 0.74 -1.0 -0.142
DAILYMAIL REVEALED: Alex Murdaugh 'pocketed' $4 MILLION insurance payout from sons of housekeeper who died at his home after telling them to sue HIM for wrongful death 2021-09-17 0.04 0.205 0.755 -1.0 -0.165
DAILYMAIL Chilling moment killer cop seized Sarah Everard: Dashcam video shows Wayne Couzens using Covid laws to make fake arrest of his victim on a London street - before forcing her into car, raping and murdering her 2021-09-29 0.054 0.152 0.794 -1.0 -0.098
BBC I get abuse and threats online - why can't it be stopped? 2021-10-17 0.086 0.218 0.696 -1.0 -0.132
DAILYMAIL Coward killer cop Wayne Couzens claims he DOESN'T deserve to die behind bars 'because there are worse crimes' than the rape, murder and desecration of Sarah Everard's body - as he insists he's full of remorse but still REFUSES to face her family 2021-09-30 0.054 0.18 0.767 -1.0 -0.126
DAILYKOS Tomgram: Kelly Denton-Borhaug, War's End? 2021-09-23 0.075 0.237 0.689 -1.0 -0.162
DAILYMAIL French presidential hopeful Michel Barnier vows to TEAR UP border treaty with Britain and let ALL migrants travel to the UK to claim asylum after 'petulant' Macron's bust-up with Boris over tragedy that killed 27 2021-11-27 0.06 0.166 0.774 -1.0 -0.106
DAILYMAIL Arthur's monster stepmother jailed for LIFE: Evil killer who tortured, poisoned and mocked six-year-old as he begged for food and lay dying is jailed for 29 years as pitiless father who forced his son to live in hell is locked up for 21 years 2021-12-03 0.069 0.165 0.766 -1.0 -0.096
MOTHERJONES In Syria’s Endless War Health Workers Are Not Only Collateral Damage—They’re Targets 2021-12-03 0.079 0.173 0.748 -1.0 -0.094
NYT The Human Toll of America’s Air Wars 2021-12-20 0.06 0.119 0.821 -1.0 -0.059
INTERCEPT Big Trouble in Little Rock 2021-12-18 0.065 0.116 0.819 -1.0 -0.051
USA 'The most intense violation of my life': A beloved camp, a lost boy and the lifelong impact of child sexual trauma 2022-01-10 0.082 0.155 0.763 -1.0 -0.073
DAILYMAIL EXCLUSIVE: 'You can't go anywhere without being fearful.' Families of gun violence victims in Baltimore - dubbed 'a bit of Haiti in the mid-Atlantic' by Tucker Carlson - blast Democrat leaders for failing to take action after deadliest January in 50 years 2022-02-08 0.045 0.208 0.747 -1.0 -0.163
DAILYMAIL Tearful McKayla Maroney says the FBI 'made entirely false claims about what I said' during excoriating testimony about Larry Nassar sexual abuse at Senate probe into agency 'lies and cover-up' 2021-09-16 0.058 0.209 0.732 -1.0 -0.151
FOREIGNPOLICY ‘The Question Not Being Discussed Is Whether the War Is Just or Necessary’ 2021-09-24 0.09 0.255 0.655 -1.0 -0.165
DAILYMAIL 'I never should have been left alone to suffer the abuse of Larry Nassar': Simone Biles slams USA Gymnastics and the FBI for 'enabling' the disgraced doctor's abuse at hearing into the feds' failure to investigate Nassar 2021-09-16 0.065 0.196 0.739 -1.0 -0.131
DAILYMAIL Far-right Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes, 56, will stay in jail until his trial after prosecutors showed damning messages proving he 'orchestrated the group's assault on the Capitol,' a federal judge ruled 2022-02-18 0.065 0.144 0.791 -1.0 -0.079
DAILYMAIL Alex Murdaugh set to surrender: Police issue warrant for South Carolina legal scion on insurance fraud charge after his lawyer admitted he orchestrated his own shooting in botched assisted suicide 2021-09-16 0.033 0.212 0.755 -1.0 -0.179
HUFFPOST Black Children In Tennessee Were Jailed For A Crime That Doesn't Exist 2021-10-08 0.059 0.122 0.819 -1.0 -0.063
VICE Snapchat Is Fuelling Britain's Teen Murder Epidemic 2021-09-24 0.07 0.245 0.685 -1.0 -0.175
DAILYMAIL Kyiv 'to fall by the weekend': Putin encircles Ukraine capital and could seize control in 96 hours after his troops took Chernobyl, as EU imposes sanctions and Macron pleads with Kremlin to step back from the abyss on Day 1 of Europe's new war 2022-02-24 0.079 0.16 0.761 -1.0 -0.081
DAILYMAIL 'She left this world far too early': Sabina Nessa's sister breaks down in tears as she pays tribute to the teacher at a vigil just yards from where she was killed as Kate Middleton says she is 'saddened by the loss of another innocent young woman on our streets' 2021-09-24 0.091 0.188 0.721 -1.0 -0.097
USA Which city has the most active adults in the country? People in these metro areas exercise the most 2021-10-13 0.044 0.206 0.75 -1.0 -0.162
DAILYMAIL Now will Priti sack Cressida? Astonishing video shows Met police HELPING eco-mob block M25 because he was 'concerned for their safety' so made a 'dynamic risk assessment' - in mockery of Home Secretary's order for officers to take 'decisive action' 2021-09-16 0.072 0.147 0.781 -1.0 -0.075
DAILYMAIL Huge explosions rock Kyiv: Russian airstrike 'hits military radar facility' hours after dozens were killed and school destroyed in CLUSTER BOMB attack on Kharkiv, as convoy heading towards Ukrainian capital now stretches to 17 MILES long 2022-02-28 0.059 0.194 0.747 -1.0 -0.135
NYT Afghan War Casualty Report: May 2021 2021-05-16 0.041 0.337 0.622 -1.0 -0.296
DAILYMAIL Child is killed in rocket attack: Explosion rocks neighbourhood near Kabul airport as US Embassy orders everyone to leave amid 'specific, credible' threat after ISIS-K suicide blast that killed 170 2021-08-29 0.105 0.134 0.761 -1.0 -0.029