Agency Title Date Pos Neg Neu Compound ◣ Sent
NPR How the Attica prison uprising started — and why it still resonates today 2021-10-27 0.079 0.16 0.762 -1.0 -0.081
DAILYMAIL We're NOT going to evacuate everyone from Afghanistan: Government admits rescue operation could last just 'a few more days' as planes take off EMPTY - and Afghan who worked for US is shot in the head in more chaos at airport 2021-08-20 0.071 0.138 0.791 -1.0 -0.067
DAILYMAIL Princess Eugenie is seen for first time with husband Jack Brooksbank since THOSE Capri photos as they land in Scotland with baby son for 'crisis talks' with parents Prince Andrew and Fergie at Balmoral... as Duke faces potentially two US sex abuse lawsuits 2021-08-11 0.067 0.135 0.798 -1.0 -0.068
DAILYMAIL Britain's Afghan evacuation will end 'in matter of hours' and the 1,000 people already inside Kabul airport will be the last to be flown out - amid fears ISIS will strike again following attack that killed 103 people, including 13 US troops 2021-08-27 0.083 0.162 0.755 -1.0 -0.079
DAILYMAIL Russia 'has moved 10,000 troops into contested areas in 12 hours', Ukraine military sources claim: WH calls troop movement an invasion and international journalists take cover in flooded trenches as shellfire rains down on eastern Ukraine 2022-02-22 0.088 0.124 0.788 -1.0 -0.036
GUARDIAN The great betrayal: how the Hillsborough families were failed by the justice system 2021-10-21 0.094 0.164 0.743 -1.0 -0.07
DAILYMAIL Now will Priti sack Cressida? Astonishing video shows Met police HELPING eco-mob block M25 because he was 'concerned for their safety' so made a 'dynamic risk assessment' - in mockery of Home Secretary's order for officers to take 'decisive action' 2021-09-16 0.072 0.147 0.781 -1.0 -0.075
INTERCEPT The AFRICOM Files 2021-07-06 0.061 0.178 0.761 -1.0 -0.117
NYT Live Updates: Ukraine Says Russia Has Begun Its Invasion 2022-02-24 0.081 0.113 0.805 -1.0 -0.032
DAILYMAIL 'The invasion of Ukraine has begun': Sajid Javid issues stark warning as Boris Johnson vows 'first barrage of sanction' are ready to go after Putin ordered his troops to go in on a 'peacekeeping mission', prompting condemnation from the West 2022-02-22 0.084 0.127 0.788 -1.0 -0.043
DAILYMAIL Prince Andrew can still be tried for sex abuse claims in civil case even if he never steps foot back in America - and faces damages 'in the millions' if he loses 2021-08-10 0.072 0.151 0.777 -1.0 -0.079
DAILYMAIL New explosions shake east Ukraine as Nato chief says all signs point to plans for 'full-fledged' attack – after Putin launched huge nuclear missile exercise with 160,000 troops 'poised to strike' 2022-02-19 0.056 0.133 0.812 -1.0 -0.077
NYT Closing Arguments in Arbery Killing Trial: Live Updates 2021-11-23 0.048 0.191 0.761 -1.0 -0.143
DAILYMAIL 'We will make you pay': Biden vows to 'hunt down' ISIS-K for double suicide bomb attack that killed 12 US troops and 60 Afghans and tells Pentagon to draw up airstrike plans. Takes responsibility for carnage BUT stands by troop withdrawal 2021-08-26 0.055 0.195 0.75 -1.0 -0.14
DAILYMAIL Now brace for the £360m clean up! Britain is left counting the cost after 122MPH Storm Eunice wreaks trail of destruction killing four people and leaving 1.1million properties without power 2022-02-18 0.051 0.13 0.819 -1.0 -0.079
ATLANTIC How Americans Became So Sensitive to Harm 2016-04-19 0.089 0.208 0.703 -1.0 -0.119
INTERCEPT Understanding the History of Black Rebellion 2021-05-26 0.076 0.202 0.722 -1.0 -0.126
DAILYMAIL 'This is a win even though Daunte won't be coming home': Wright's mother celebrates Kim Potter's manslaughter conviction but admits she is in 'shock and disbelief' that the former cop was found guilty 2021-12-24 0.065 0.179 0.756 -1.0 -0.114
DAILYMAIL Putin 'on brink of invading': US intelligence says final plans in place with 190,000 troops ready to strike, as Ukraine begs for West to 'act now' and Americans in Russia warned of terrorist threat 2022-02-20 0.053 0.123 0.824 -1.0 -0.07
DAILYMAIL 'We should be holding our breath': Head of Britain's armed forces warns Kabul evacuations are at their most dangerous phase as final flights take place today amid warnings of rising ISIS-K terror threat to UK 2021-08-28 0.067 0.185 0.748 -1.0 -0.118
DAILYMAIL No way out of Afghanistan: The moment a woman and two children are trampled in Kabul airport stampede as German man is SHOT - and West admits it will NOT evacuate everyone it promised help while SAS mount last-ditch rescue missions into city 2021-08-20 0.067 0.142 0.791 -1.0 -0.075
DAILYMAIL Chilling moment killer cop seized Sarah Everard: Dashcam video shows Wayne Couzens using Covid laws to make fake arrest of his victim on a London street - before forcing her into car, raping and murdering her 2021-09-29 0.054 0.152 0.794 -1.0 -0.098
DAILYMAIL Hero shopper reveals how he attacked New Zealand knifeman with a pole as the fanatic shouted 'Allah Allah': ISIS supporter was let free to rampage as powerless cops watched him 24/7 waiting for him to attack 2021-09-03 0.05 0.205 0.745 -1.0 -0.155
VICE Snapchat Is Fuelling Britain's Teen Murder Epidemic 2021-09-24 0.07 0.245 0.685 -1.0 -0.175
DAILYMAIL Alex Murdaugh is driven to JAIL with a police escort as he is CHARGED with 'paying hitman to kill him so surviving son would get $10m insurance' three months after wife and son were found murdered 2021-09-16 0.037 0.189 0.774 -1.0 -0.152
DAILYMAIL Biden says the US didn't evacuate Afghan civilians sooner because they DIDN'T want to leave and admits the Taliban takeover was 'quicker than anticipated' 2021-08-16 0.077 0.159 0.764 -1.0 -0.082
DAILYMAIL Waukesha parade suspect Darrell Brooks wrote anti-Trump rap and declared 'f*** the pigs' before rampage: Is a convicted sex offender who fathered a child with 15-year-old girl 2021-11-23 0.061 0.132 0.806 -1.0 -0.071
DAILYMAIL Susanna Reid cries as Arthur Labinjo-Hughes' grandmother breaks down in tears on GMB while condemning police and social service for failing him as PM backs calls for new 'Arthur's law' 2021-12-07 0.064 0.158 0.777 -1.0 -0.094
DAILYMAIL EXCLUSIVE: 'You can't go anywhere without being fearful.' Families of gun violence victims in Baltimore - dubbed 'a bit of Haiti in the mid-Atlantic' by Tucker Carlson - blast Democrat leaders for failing to take action after deadliest January in 50 years 2022-02-08 0.045 0.208 0.747 -1.0 -0.163
NYT Afghan War Casualty Report: May 2021 2021-05-16 0.041 0.337 0.622 -1.0 -0.296
DAILYKOS Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Dealing with Hate ... 2021-10-10 0.085 0.224 0.691 -1.0 -0.139
SALON The judge who jailed Black children for a crime that doesn’t exist 2021-10-11 0.062 0.128 0.811 -1.0 -0.066
FOREIGNPOLICY The Death Penalty Isn’t African. It’s a Legacy of Colonialism. 2021-11-11 0.073 0.287 0.64 -1.0 -0.214
DAILYMAIL Football fans applaud for little Arthur in sixth minute to mark his six years of life as 'unduly lenient' sentences for his father and stepmother are sent for review while video shows killer couple eating McDonald's yards from starving boy 2021-12-04 0.071 0.164 0.765 -1.0 -0.093
INTERCEPT Big Trouble in Little Rock 2021-12-18 0.065 0.116 0.819 -1.0 -0.051
DAILYMAIL Eunice's winds of over 100mph will batter the UK within hours: Forecasters fear the 'sting-jet' storm could be the worst in 30 YEARS as schools and trains shut down and Britons are told to stay at home 2022-02-17 0.084 0.134 0.782 -1.0 -0.05
DAILYMAIL Putin 'on brink of invading': US intelligence says final plans in place with 190,000 troops ready to strike, as Boris pleads for more talks, Ukraine begs for West to 'act now' and Americans in Russia warned of terrorist threat 2022-02-20 0.053 0.123 0.823 -1.0 -0.07
DAILYMAIL Furious Putin prepares to use 'father of all bombs' as brave Ukrainians hold up advance: West warns Russia could use terror weapon that vaporizes bodies alongside a massive Amphibious assault as invaders run into fierce resistance in Kyiv 2022-02-25 0.063 0.182 0.755 -1.0 -0.119
DAILYMAIL Belarus dictator Lukashenko says Poland is 'conducting war' on migrants on their border and he will 'stand up' against it as he blames EU and America for creating crisis after discussing tensions with Putin 2021-11-09 0.064 0.162 0.775 -1.0 -0.098
NYT ‘A Poison in the System’: The Epidemic of Military Sexual Assault 2021-08-03 0.087 0.163 0.75 -1.0 -0.076
USA Which city has the most active adults in the country? People in these metro areas exercise the most 2021-10-13 0.044 0.206 0.75 -1.0 -0.162
ABC America has a gun violence problem. What do we do about it? 2021-10-25 0.051 0.256 0.693 -1.0 -0.205
DAILYMAIL Boris Johnson says 'critical' food and water workers, electricians, soldiers and train drivers can ignore isolation rules to keep the 'United Pingdom' open with 1.7m in quarantine – but the rest of us will have to lump it for another MONTH 2021-07-19 0.08 0.119 0.801 -1.0 -0.039
DAILYMAIL Belarus is 'preparing to join Russian invasion of Ukraine and will host Moscow's nuclear weapons': Putin ally Lukashenko warns sanctions are pushing the world towards WWIII 2022-02-28 0.068 0.134 0.799 -1.0 -0.066
DAILYMAIL Coward killer cop Wayne Couzens claims he DOESN'T deserve to die behind bars 'because there are worse crimes' than the rape, murder and desecration of Sarah Everard's body - as he insists he's full of remorse but still REFUSES to face her family 2021-09-30 0.054 0.18 0.767 -1.0 -0.126
DAILYMAIL Biden says Putin WILL invade within days as Russian battle unit arrives minutes from border: Massive blast 'rips through gas pipeline' near Russian separatist city in eastern Ukraine after 'false flag' car bomb and mass evacuation of 700,000 Russian civilians 2022-02-18 0.05 0.158 0.792 -1.0 -0.108
INTERCEPT Silver and Lead 2021-12-27 0.073 0.184 0.743 -1.0 -0.111
DAILYMAIL REVEALED: Alex Murdaugh 'pocketed' $4 MILLION insurance payout from sons of housekeeper who died at his home after telling them to sue HIM for wrongful death 2021-09-17 0.04 0.205 0.755 -1.0 -0.165
DAILYMAIL Forced onto death-trap boat: Iraqis feared drowned in Channel tragedy that killed 27 made terrified phone call to friend to say they made to get on 'flimsy' and 'overcrowded' dinghy 2021-11-26 0.071 0.141 0.788 -1.0 -0.07
NYT Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Counts: Live Updates 2021-11-20 0.095 0.135 0.771 -1.0 -0.04
REUTERS Special Report: Reuters unmasks Trump supporters who terrified U.S. election workers 2021-11-09 0.06 0.162 0.778 -1.0 -0.102
DAILYMAIL BREAKING NEWS: Up to 1,500 Americans including 23 California school students are STILL stuck in Afghanistan: Blinken blames citizens for not leaving earlier as CIA and US helicopters start conducting missions to get everyone out 2021-08-25 0.065 0.122 0.813 -1.0 -0.057
DAILYMAIL BLM protesters scream at Kyle Rittenhouse supporters as tensions flare on courthouse steps: Journalists hire armed guards and police try to ease 'anxiety' as jury deliberations continue 2021-11-16 0.059 0.201 0.74 -1.0 -0.142
DAILYMAIL Parents of school shooter Ethan Crumbley are placed on suicide watch as they weep in court after judge sets bail at $500K: Cops investigate accomplice suspected of helping them hide out in Detroit art studio 2021-12-04 0.059 0.151 0.79 -1.0 -0.092
CBS "48 Hours" show schedule 2021-12-05 0.069 0.216 0.714 -1.0 -0.147
DAILYMAIL 'Our loss is enormous': Husband of Halyna Hutchins, cinematographer killed on Baldwin, set posts photo of her and son saying she 'inspired us all with her passion and vision' 2021-10-23 0.07 0.177 0.753 -1.0 -0.107
DAILYMAIL The ‘Star Wars’ robot that thwarted ISIS-K attack on US planes: C-RAM blasted jihadists’ rockets before they could hit Kabul airport targets 2021-08-30 0.102 0.143 0.755 -1.0 -0.041
DAILYMAIL R Kelly, 54, faces 100 years in prison after he is found GUILTY of all nine counts of sex trafficking and racketeering: R&B star recruited and sexually abused women, girls and boys over three decades 2021-09-27 0.049 0.147 0.804 -1.0 -0.098
DAILYMAIL BREAKING NEWS: Biden says he'll sanction two Russian banks, oligarchs and cut off Western money in response to the 'beginning' of Putin's invasion: Tears into Russian leader for thinking he has the 'right' to call parts of Ukraine his own and sends in MORE troops 2022-02-22 0.07 0.113 0.817 -1.0 -0.043
JACOBIN Indonesia Still Hasn’t Escaped Suharto’s Genocidal Legacy 2021-09-29 0.09 0.164 0.745 -1.0 -0.074
DAILYMAIL The not-so-great escape: Nazi ‘secretary of evil’, 96, is FOUND after going on the run ahead of her trial in Germany for aiding and abetting mass murder at WWII death camp 2021-09-30 0.025 0.188 0.787 -1.0 -0.163
DAILYMAIL Alex Murdaugh IS a person of interest in the execution-style murders of his wife and 22-year-old son, his lawyer confirms - but insists South Carolina legal scion 'had no motive to kill them' 2021-10-13 0.041 0.213 0.746 -1.0 -0.172
FOREIGNPOLICY Nothing But Pitch Black Darkness 2021-08-14 0.074 0.182 0.744 -1.0 -0.108
DAILYMAIL 'He stole by manipulating his most trusted relationships': Legal dynasty heir Alex Murdaugh's brother Randy blasts his brother for allegedly stealing funds from their law firm and says he's shocked to learn of his 'opioid addiction' 2021-09-09 0.029 0.19 0.781 -1.0 -0.161
DAILYMAIL Alec Baldwin ignored the golden rule of gun safety by pointing pistol at someone and it should never have been loaded, expert says: Star tweets article that he was told gun was safe as he attends memorial for cinematographer he shot 2021-10-23 0.072 0.179 0.749 -1.0 -0.107
DAILYMAIL San Francisco's woke DA FINALLY wakes up to organized gangs looting stores: Nine people are charged after 20 people ransacked Louis Vuitton store - but Chesa Boudin blames the COPS for not arresting more people for thefts 2021-11-23 0.053 0.161 0.786 -1.0 -0.108
DAILYMAIL French presidential hopeful Michel Barnier vows to TEAR UP border treaty with Britain and let ALL migrants travel to the UK to claim asylum after 'petulant' Macron's bust-up with Boris over tragedy that killed 27 2021-11-27 0.06 0.166 0.774 -1.0 -0.106
DAILYMAIL Parents of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley appear 'sullen and show no remorse' as they are held in jail after their son 'killed four students and injured seven others' 2021-12-05 0.059 0.147 0.794 -1.0 -0.088
DAILYMAIL The chilling videos that show how little Star never stood a chance: Self-styled 'psycho' female bouncer boasts on Snapchat she would 'kneecap' anyone who stood in way of her and her girlfriend and is seen raining powerful blows on punchbag 2021-12-14 0.063 0.162 0.776 -1.0 -0.099
FOREIGNPOLICY 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2022 2021-12-29 0.098 0.17 0.733 -1.0 -0.072
VICE He Murdered 5 People. But Before Then, He Made a Movie About It. 2022-02-11 0.071 0.149 0.779 -1.0 -0.078
DAILYMAIL Kamala Harris meets with Ukrainian president Zelensky and threatens Putin with 'significant and unprecedented' consequences if Russia invades: Biden says 160,000 troops are 'poised to strike' 2022-02-19 0.061 0.133 0.806 -1.0 -0.072
DAILYMAIL Biden ignores questions on Ukraine while out to lunch in DC as Kamala Harris meets with Ukrainian president Zelensky and threatens Putin with 'significant and unprecedented' sanctions if Russia invades: 160,000 troops are 'poised to strike' 2022-02-19 0.072 0.136 0.792 -1.0 -0.064
DAILYMAIL War breaks out between Priti Patel and 'rude and unprofessional' Sadiq Khan over disastrous handling of firing of Cressida Dick - as family blasts scandal-plagued Met Police chief's non-apology to victims 2022-02-11 0.094 0.174 0.732 -1.0 -0.08
NYT How a Genetic Trait in Black People Can Give the Police Cover 2021-05-15 0.038 0.18 0.783 -1.0 -0.142
DAILYMAIL Andrew faces the Queen: Disgraced Prince is seen at Balmoral supported by ex-wife Fergie a day after being sued in New York for 'sexually abusing Virginia Roberts when she was 17' – as her lawyer warns the Duke 'he can't ignore the law' 2021-08-10 0.073 0.149 0.778 -1.0 -0.076
INTERCEPT Episode Three: The Trial 2022-02-15 0.087 0.15 0.763 -1.0 -0.063
DAILYMAIL Georgia DA is INDICTED for obstructing cops in Ahmaud Arbery murder case after she 'blocked the arrest of her former investigator and his son' 2021-09-02 0.028 0.183 0.789 -1.0 -0.155
FOREIGNPOLICY ‘The Question Not Being Discussed Is Whether the War Is Just or Necessary’ 2021-09-24 0.09 0.255 0.655 -1.0 -0.165
DAILYMAIL Cressida Dick FINALLY quits: Scandal-hit Met Commissioner resigns 'with huge sadness' as Sadiq Khan shows her the door for failing to root out 'racism, sexism and homophobia' in the force... just hours after she said she had no intention of leaving 2022-02-10 0.103 0.18 0.717 -1.0 -0.077
DAILYMAIL Empty promises: Shocking picture shows mercy plane leaving Kabul carrying pregnant wife of British ex-Marine but almost NO ONE else despite UK and US saying the evacuation was in full swing and with thousands desperate to flee Taliban 2021-08-19 0.064 0.127 0.81 -1.0 -0.063
DAILYMAIL Angela Merkel visits flood-hit areas as German death toll rises above 180 and engineers race to repair dam that is STILL unstable and at risk of collapse 2021-07-18 0.055 0.193 0.752 -1.0 -0.138
DAILYMAIL Far-right Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes, 56, will stay in jail until his trial after prosecutors showed damning messages proving he 'orchestrated the group's assault on the Capitol,' a federal judge ruled 2022-02-18 0.065 0.144 0.791 -1.0 -0.079
DAILYMAIL Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer and Priti Patel lay flowers at David Amess murder scene in show of unity as police search two London homes and say terror attack could be linked to Islamist extremism after Tory MP was 'stabbed 17 times' 2021-10-16 0.11 0.159 0.731 -1.0 -0.049
GUARDIAN The unravelling of a conspiracy: were the 16 charged with plotting to kill India’s prime minister framed? 2021-08-12 0.046 0.153 0.802 -1.0 -0.107
DAILYMAIL Germans will be 'vaccinated, cured or dead' in a few months, health minister warns as country mulls compulsory jabs and Austria wakes up to life in lockdown amid Europe's Covid crisis 2021-11-22 0.06 0.154 0.787 -1.0 -0.094
BBC I get abuse and threats online - why can't it be stopped? 2021-10-17 0.086 0.218 0.696 -1.0 -0.132
DAILYMAIL Mother of Waukesha SUV parade 'killer' regrets posting his $1,000 bail after he ran over his girlfriend just days earlier: 'I'm blaming myself' 2021-11-24 0.08 0.164 0.756 -1.0 -0.084
DAILYMAIL Two monsters in the same jail but which of them murdered Lin and Megan Russell? RICHARD PENDLEBURY examines the disturbing case after hammer killer Levi Bellfield claimed it was HIM and not Michael Stone the mother and her two children 2022-02-07 0.06 0.248 0.692 -1.0 -0.188
DAILYMAIL 'We are here, in Kyiv, defending Ukraine': President Zelensky posts video of himself as Russian troops advance on capital after he told EU leaders 'this may be the last time you see me alive' 2022-02-25 0.098 0.151 0.751 -1.0 -0.053
POLITICO The ‘Bad Cop’ Who Rules Miami 2021-10-22 0.073 0.148 0.778 -1.0 -0.075
DAILYMAIL Britain pulls the plug on Kabul airlift: UK will start getting soldiers out of Airport as Boris tells of his 'great regret' at leaving 150 Brits and 1,100 Afghans behind despite fears they will become Taliban hostages 2021-08-27 0.084 0.158 0.758 -1.0 -0.074
DAILYMAIL EXCLUSIVE: McDonald's worker who was flashed by Wayne Couzens blasts police for 'not acting quickly enough' after they were handed CCTV of him THREE DAYS before Sarah Everard murder - as it emerges officers even KNEW his name 2021-10-01 0.052 0.194 0.754 -1.0 -0.142
DAILYMAIL 'She left this world far too early': Sabina Nessa's sister breaks down in tears as she pays tribute to the teacher at a vigil just yards from where she was killed as Kate Middleton says she is 'saddened by the loss of another innocent young woman on our streets' 2021-09-24 0.091 0.188 0.721 -1.0 -0.097
DAILYMAIL Brace for another battering! Met Office names third storm in a WEEK with Franklin to hit Northern Ireland on Monday after 70mph winds and floods TODAY as £300m Eunice clear up continues 2022-02-20 0.072 0.13 0.798 -1.0 -0.058
INTERCEPT Blowback 2021-09-09 0.063 0.188 0.749 -1.0 -0.125
DAILYMAIL American arrested over assassination of Haitian president worked with Sean Penn after star set up charity to rebuild island following devastating 2010 earthquake that killed 30,000 2021-07-10 0.058 0.171 0.771 -1.0 -0.113
DAILYMAIL Police reveal Plymouth incel killer’s youngest victim was girl, aged three, as it is claimed his mum ‘tried to get him mental health support’ but he was still able to KEEP gun licence before he shot five dead on rampage 2021-08-13 0.069 0.159 0.772 -1.0 -0.09
DAILYMAIL EXCLUSIVE: Rust director Joel Souza looks distraught as he is seen for the first time since the on-set shooting that killed camerawoman Halyna Hutchins 2021-10-27 0.068 0.143 0.789 -1.0 -0.075
DAILYMAIL Now Lukashenko wants Russian nukes: Putin tries to play down Belarussian dictator's wild threats made 'out of anger' as he asks for 'several divisions' of the Red Army's nuclear-capable missiles 2021-11-13 0.059 0.139 0.802 -1.0 -0.08