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DAILYMAIL REVEALED: Alex Murdaugh 'pocketed' $4 MILLION insurance payout from sons of housekeeper who died at his home after telling them to sue HIM for wrongful death 2021-09-17 0.04 0.205 0.755 -1.0 -0.165
POLITICO The ‘Bad Cop’ Who Rules Miami 2021-10-22 0.073 0.148 0.778 -1.0 -0.075
DAILYMAIL 'We will make you pay': Biden vows to 'hunt down' ISIS-K for double suicide bomb attack that killed 12 US troops and 60 Afghans and tells Pentagon to draw up airstrike plans. Takes responsibility for carnage BUT stands by troop withdrawal 2021-08-26 0.055 0.195 0.75 -1.0 -0.14
DAILYMAIL Now will Priti sack Cressida? Astonishing video shows Met police HELPING eco-mob block M25 because he was 'concerned for their safety' so made a 'dynamic risk assessment' - in mockery of Home Secretary's order for officers to take 'decisive action' 2021-09-16 0.072 0.147 0.781 -1.0 -0.075
DAILYKOS Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Dealing with Hate ... 2021-10-10 0.085 0.224 0.691 -1.0 -0.139
GUARDIAN The great betrayal: how the Hillsborough families were failed by the justice system 2021-10-21 0.094 0.164 0.743 -1.0 -0.07
DAILYMAIL We're NOT going to evacuate everyone from Afghanistan: Government admits rescue operation could last just 'a few more days' as planes take off EMPTY - and Afghan who worked for US is shot in the head in more chaos at airport 2021-08-20 0.071 0.138 0.791 -1.0 -0.067
BREITBART ***Live Updates*** Suicide Bombing Outside Kabul Airport 2021-08-26 0.037 0.174 0.789 -1.0 -0.137
GUARDIAN How the US created a world of endless war 2021-08-31 0.089 0.205 0.705 -1.0 -0.116
DAILYMAIL Tearful McKayla Maroney says the FBI 'made entirely false claims about what I said' during excoriating testimony about Larry Nassar sexual abuse at Senate probe into agency 'lies and cover-up' 2021-09-16 0.058 0.209 0.732 -1.0 -0.151
DAILYMAIL 'Take off your mask and look at us': Sarah Everard's devastated family confront killer cop Wayne Couzens in court - as mother reveals she silently screams 'don't get in the car, run!' every night at the exact time her daughter was abducted 2021-09-29 0.056 0.16 0.785 -1.0 -0.104
DAILYMAIL PICTURED: NYC subway pushing victim who says she NEVER spoke to her attacker and is scared to get on the subway again: Father says she is still in hospital with a broken nose and arm and does not want to be seen 2021-10-06 0.039 0.186 0.775 -1.0 -0.147
VICE The Shooter’s Wife: Noor Salman, Wife of the Pulse Nightclub Gunman, Is Ready to Speak 2021-10-13 0.063 0.166 0.771 -1.0 -0.103
DAILYMAIL Tears for a murdered husband and father: Sir David Amess’ heartbroken widow and daughters view floral tributes left for tragic Tory MP at Southend church where he was killed after 'being chosen at random by terror attacker’ 2021-10-18 0.082 0.168 0.751 -1.0 -0.086
DAILYMAIL Kabul airport WILL reopen today as more US soldiers arrive after eight people died and stowaways plunged to their deaths - amid fears chaos could provide an opening for a terrorist attack 2021-08-17 0.073 0.119 0.808 -1.0 -0.046
DAILYMAIL Empty promises: Shocking picture shows mercy plane leaving Kabul carrying pregnant wife of British ex-Marine but almost NO ONE else despite UK and US saying the evacuation was in full swing and with thousands desperate to flee Taliban 2021-08-19 0.064 0.127 0.81 -1.0 -0.063
DAILYMAIL No way out of Afghanistan: The moment a woman and two children are trampled in Kabul airport stampede as German man is SHOT - and West admits it will NOT evacuate everyone it promised help while SAS mount last-ditch rescue missions into city 2021-08-20 0.067 0.142 0.791 -1.0 -0.075
DAILYMAIL Car bomb threat forces State Dept to CLOSE Kabul airport to US citizens with up to 1.5K still stranded: 345 seater plane leaves empty because evacuees couldn't get past Taliban 2021-08-26 0.062 0.11 0.827 -1.0 -0.048
DAILYMAIL Never have I seen such horror... is that why journalists were bundled out so early? STUART RAMSAY, who was in the gully at Kabul airport hours before it was bombed, sends a vivid and angry last dispatch from Afghanistan as the country is lost to extremists 2021-08-27 0.057 0.216 0.728 -1.0 -0.159
USA Electrical fires hit Black renters hardest. Nobody is held accountable. 2021-08-30 0.05 0.157 0.793 -1.0 -0.107
DAILYMAIL PICTURED: Former Georgia DA is booked on charges of obstructing cops in Ahmaud Arbery murder case after she 'blocked the arrest of her former investigator and son' 2021-09-08 0.029 0.186 0.784 -1.0 -0.157
DAILYMAIL EXCLUSIVE: Victims of Met Police corruption, incompetence and malpractice from Doreen Lawrence to Lady Brittan and Paul Gambaccini pen landmark letter telling Boris Johnson to ditch disaster-prone Commissioner Cressida Dick NOW 2021-09-08 0.085 0.161 0.753 -1.0 -0.076
VICE Snapchat Is Fuelling Britain's Teen Murder Epidemic 2021-09-24 0.07 0.245 0.685 -1.0 -0.175
DAILYMAIL ANOTHER brawl breaks out in petrol queue, 'morons' illegally fill-up bucket lined with BIN BAG at Shell station and even AMBULANCES are stranded... as Army begins training to drive tankers amid fears crisis will last a MONTH 2021-09-29 0.052 0.144 0.804 -1.0 -0.092
GUARDIAN The unravelling of a conspiracy: were the 16 charged with plotting to kill India’s prime minister framed? 2021-08-12 0.046 0.153 0.802 -1.0 -0.107
DAILYMAIL Horrific video of 'Afghan caught in landing gear of C-17 after clambering on to plane' and humiliating photo of American soldier cradling US embassy flag out of Afghanistan emerge while guns and body armor are dumped at Kabul airport 2021-08-17 0.075 0.129 0.796 -1.0 -0.054
NYT Why Was Vicha Ratanapakdee Killed? 2021-08-17 0.076 0.136 0.788 -1.0 -0.06
DAILYMAIL So much for 'Taliban 2.0': Kabul 'car thief' is tarred and tied to pick-up and paraded through streets and fighters are accused of shooting a woman dead for not wearing a burqa in rural province 2021-08-18 0.065 0.154 0.781 -1.0 -0.089
DAILYMAIL Alex Murdaugh IS a person of interest in the execution-style murders of his wife and 22-year-old son, his lawyer confirms - but insists South Carolina legal scion 'had no motive to kill them' 2021-10-13 0.041 0.213 0.746 -1.0 -0.172
DAILYMAIL First picture of Sir David Amess murder suspect, 25, who 'was flagged as extremism risk by teachers when he was still at school at least FIVE YEARS ago' and was 'radicalised by watching videos of hate preacher Anjem Choudary' 2021-10-18 0.086 0.161 0.753 -1.0 -0.075
DAILYMAIL Incel gunman filmed sauntering away after killing girl, three: CCTV shows 'incel' killer strolling down Plymouth street with a shotgun in the middle of rampage that killed five - while telling survivors 'nothing to worry about mate' 2021-08-13 0.068 0.164 0.768 -1.0 -0.096
DAILYMAIL Police reveal Plymouth incel killer’s youngest victim was girl, aged three, as it is claimed his mum ‘tried to get him mental health support’ but he was still able to KEEP gun licence before he shot five dead on rampage 2021-08-13 0.069 0.159 0.772 -1.0 -0.09
DAILYMAIL The refugee crisis so big it can be seen from space: Satellite images show traffic jams outside Kabul airport as Taliban make entry impossible for Afghans fleeing threat of persecution 2021-08-18 0.073 0.123 0.804 -1.0 -0.05
FOREIGNPOLICY Nothing But Pitch Black Darkness 2021-08-14 0.074 0.182 0.744 -1.0 -0.108
DAILYMAIL Princess Eugenie is seen for first time with husband Jack Brooksbank since THOSE Capri photos as they land in Scotland with baby son for 'crisis talks' with parents Prince Andrew and Fergie at Balmoral... as Duke faces potentially two US sex abuse lawsuits 2021-08-11 0.067 0.135 0.798 -1.0 -0.068
DAILYMAIL Biden says the US didn't evacuate Afghan civilians sooner because they DIDN'T want to leave and admits the Taliban takeover was 'quicker than anticipated' 2021-08-16 0.077 0.159 0.764 -1.0 -0.082
DAILYMAIL 'The buck stops with me,' says Biden but then proceeds to blame Afghan fiasco on Trump and locaIs who failed to fight the Taliban - before ducking questions and fleeing for Camp David 2021-08-16 0.08 0.165 0.755 -1.0 -0.085
DAILYKOS Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day: Donald Trump- 2021 Update 2021-08-11 0.082 0.151 0.767 -1.0 -0.069
DAILYMAIL Britain's Afghan evacuation will end 'in matter of hours' and the 1,000 people already inside Kabul airport will be the last to be flown out - amid fears ISIS will strike again following attack that killed 103 people, including 13 US troops 2021-08-27 0.083 0.162 0.755 -1.0 -0.079
NYT ‘A Poison in the System’: The Epidemic of Military Sexual Assault 2021-08-03 0.087 0.163 0.75 -1.0 -0.076
DAILYMAIL The adopted three-year-old girl and her father, 43, who were shot dead at random by 'incel' Plymouth gunman as they walked home and were taken to hospital where her mother works after rampage that left six dead 2021-08-13 0.072 0.163 0.765 -1.0 -0.091
DAILYMAIL Britain pulls the plug on Kabul airlift: UK will start getting soldiers out of Airport as Boris tells of his 'great regret' at leaving 150 Brits and 1,100 Afghans behind despite fears they will become Taliban hostages 2021-08-27 0.084 0.158 0.758 -1.0 -0.074
NYT ‘A Sadness I Can’t Carry’: The Story Of The Drum 2021-08-31 0.08 0.142 0.779 -1.0 -0.062
INTERCEPT NCIS Case Files Reveal Undisclosed U.S. Military Sex Crimes in Okinawa 2021-10-03 0.045 0.195 0.761 -1.0 -0.15
DAILYMAIL Prince Andrew could face SECOND sex abuse lawsuit: US law change may allow Epstein's ex-PA to sue Duke over claim he groped her - after Virginia Roberts launched civil case this week 2021-08-11 0.082 0.147 0.771 -1.0 -0.065
DAILYMAIL Cressida Dick warns 'no one is above the law' when asked about Prince Andrew 'rape' claims and orders Met Police review of case - as Charles believes his brother will never return to public life 2021-08-12 0.065 0.151 0.783 -1.0 -0.086
DAILYMAIL Anger mounts at police for RETURNING Incel killer's shotgun despite assault and his mother's mental health pleas just weeks before he murdered five in Plymouth rampage - as chilling footage shows gunman crouching over victim's body 2021-08-14 0.067 0.155 0.778 -1.0 -0.088
DAILYMAIL Charles heads to Royal Deeside for 'Andrew crisis talks': Prince of Wales heads to his residence near Balmoral where embattled Duke of York is staying with the Queen after new Virginia Roberts sex assault claims 2021-08-12 0.055 0.167 0.779 -1.0 -0.112
FOREIGNPOLICY ‘The Question Not Being Discussed Is Whether the War Is Just or Necessary’ 2021-09-24 0.09 0.255 0.655 -1.0 -0.165
ATLANTIC How Americans Became So Sensitive to Harm 2016-04-19 0.089 0.208 0.703 -1.0 -0.119