Agency Title Date Pos Neg Neu Compound ◣ Sent
DAILYMAIL Police fire rubber bullets to clear demonstration at Melbourne's war memorial after protesters threw bottles and refused to leave - as third day of rallies by construction workers and anti-vaxxers again turns violent 2021-09-22 0.051 0.178 0.771 -1.0 -0.127
GUARDIAN The great betrayal: how the Hillsborough families were failed by the justice system 2021-10-21 0.094 0.164 0.743 -1.0 -0.07
DAILYMAIL Hero shopper reveals how he attacked New Zealand knifeman with a pole as the fanatic shouted 'Allah Allah': ISIS supporter was let free to rampage as powerless cops watched him 24/7 waiting for him to attack 2021-09-03 0.05 0.205 0.745 -1.0 -0.155
DAILYMAIL REVEALED: Alex Murdaugh 'pocketed' $4 MILLION insurance payout from sons of housekeeper who died at his home after telling them to sue HIM for wrongful death 2021-09-17 0.04 0.205 0.755 -1.0 -0.165
DAILYMAIL PICTURED: NYC subway pushing victim who says she NEVER spoke to her attacker and is scared to get on the subway again: Father says she is still in hospital with a broken nose and arm and does not want to be seen 2021-10-06 0.039 0.186 0.775 -1.0 -0.147
DAILYMAIL Tears for a murdered husband and father: Sir David Amess’ heartbroken widow and daughters view floral tributes left for tragic Tory MP at Southend church where he was killed after 'being chosen at random by terror attacker’ 2021-10-18 0.082 0.168 0.751 -1.0 -0.086
DAILYMAIL 'We should be holding our breath': Head of Britain's armed forces warns Kabul evacuations are at their most dangerous phase as final flights take place today amid warnings of rising ISIS-K terror threat to UK 2021-08-28 0.067 0.185 0.748 -1.0 -0.118
DAILYMAIL Shocking images show aftermath of monster tornado caused by Ida that ripped through one New Jersey neighborhood as devastation to the Northeast is revealed and Biden heads to Louisiana to inspect hurricane damage 2021-09-03 0.04 0.128 0.832 -1.0 -0.088
DAILYMAIL 'He stole by manipulating his most trusted relationships': Legal dynasty heir Alex Murdaugh's brother Randy blasts his brother for allegedly stealing funds from their law firm and says he's shocked to learn of his 'opioid addiction' 2021-09-09 0.029 0.19 0.781 -1.0 -0.161
DAILYMAIL Now will Priti sack Cressida? Astonishing video shows Met police HELPING eco-mob block M25 because he was 'concerned for their safety' so made a 'dynamic risk assessment' - in mockery of Home Secretary's order for officers to take 'decisive action' 2021-09-16 0.072 0.147 0.781 -1.0 -0.075
DAILYMAIL Fury at under-fire Met Police over 'derisory' advice to women to 'wave down a BUS' if they don't trust a male officer as force faces backlash over 'deeply insulting' guidance amid 'serious questions' at missed chances to stop killer cop 2021-10-01 0.056 0.203 0.74 -1.0 -0.147
DAILYMAIL EXCLUSIVE: McDonald's worker who was flashed by Wayne Couzens blasts police for 'not acting quickly enough' after they were handed CCTV of him THREE DAYS before Sarah Everard murder - as it emerges officers even KNEW his name 2021-10-01 0.052 0.194 0.754 -1.0 -0.142
SALON The judge who jailed Black children for a crime that doesn’t exist 2021-10-11 0.062 0.128 0.811 -1.0 -0.066
DAILYMAIL Cops raid 'terror suspect's childhood home': Police probing murder of David Amess search Croydon property where known terror threat Ali Harbi Ali, 25, 'grew up and went to school' - as it's claimed suspect is former NHS worker 2021-10-17 0.1 0.157 0.743 -1.0 -0.057
DAILYMAIL Britain's Afghan evacuation will end 'in matter of hours' and the 1,000 people already inside Kabul airport will be the last to be flown out - amid fears ISIS will strike again following attack that killed 103 people, including 13 US troops 2021-08-27 0.083 0.162 0.755 -1.0 -0.079
DAILYMAIL Nowhere to hide, Joe: President adopts fetal position as he crumbles under questioning and tries to blame Trump for Afghanistan catastrophe after 13 troops were killed along with 90 Afghans in ISIS bomb attacks 2021-08-26 0.09 0.158 0.751 -1.0 -0.068
DAILYMAIL Burned-out rocket launchers used in latest ISIS-K attack on Kabul airport lie inside car that burst into flames after the assault following US drone strike on jihadists 'which killed six children' 2021-08-30 0.104 0.137 0.759 -1.0 -0.033
DAILYMAIL Georgia DA is INDICTED for obstructing cops in Ahmaud Arbery murder case after she 'blocked the arrest of her former investigator and his son' 2021-09-02 0.028 0.183 0.789 -1.0 -0.155
DAILYMAIL PICTURED: Former Georgia DA is booked on charges of obstructing cops in Ahmaud Arbery murder case after she 'blocked the arrest of her former investigator and son' 2021-09-08 0.029 0.186 0.784 -1.0 -0.157
ATLANTIC After 9/11, the U.S. Got Almost Everything Wrong 2021-09-08 0.087 0.193 0.72 -1.0 -0.106
DAILYMAIL Britain pulls the plug on Kabul airlift: UK will start getting soldiers out of Airport as Boris tells of his 'great regret' at leaving 150 Brits and 1,100 Afghans behind despite fears they will become Taliban hostages 2021-08-27 0.084 0.158 0.758 -1.0 -0.074
DAILYMAIL Eco mob block M25 in Surrey for the THIRD time this week and dump paint on the road - as police in Essex FINALLY take action and arrest protestors within minutes before they cause more chaos 2021-09-17 0.07 0.153 0.777 -1.0 -0.083
DAILYMAIL The not-so-great escape: Nazi ‘secretary of evil’, 96, is FOUND after going on the run ahead of her trial in Germany for aiding and abetting mass murder at WWII death camp 2021-09-30 0.025 0.188 0.787 -1.0 -0.163
DAILYMAIL Met Police investigate whether Wayne Couzens struck BEFORE: Detectives reveal 'on-going' probe into killer cop and urge women to come forward - as criminologists say his 'experienced behaviour' hints that Sarah Everard may not have been his first victim 2021-09-30 0.068 0.19 0.743 -1.0 -0.122
DAILYMAIL Pictured: 96-year-old Nazi ‘secretary of evil’ who went on the run ahead of her trial in Germany for her role in mass murders carried out at WWII death camp 2021-10-01 0.037 0.179 0.784 -1.0 -0.142
CBS Has the anonymous author of the infamous Circleville letters been unmasked? 2021-08-25 0.061 0.138 0.801 -1.0 -0.077
DAILYMAIL The ‘Star Wars’ robot that thwarted ISIS-K attack on US planes: C-RAM blasted jihadists’ rockets before they could hit Kabul airport targets 2021-08-30 0.102 0.143 0.755 -1.0 -0.041
DAILYMAIL Violent crime continues to spike in NYC as Bill de Blasio tries to lure office workers and tourists back: Assaults up 19% and robberies increased 6% in September as NYPD makes more than 3,400 gun arrests in 2021 2021-10-06 0.05 0.201 0.749 -1.0 -0.151
USA Electrical fires hit Black renters hardest. Nobody is held accountable. 2021-08-30 0.05 0.157 0.793 -1.0 -0.107
DAILYMAIL Alex Murdaugh IS a person of interest in the execution-style murders of his wife and 22-year-old son, his lawyer confirms - but insists South Carolina legal scion 'had no motive to kill them' 2021-10-13 0.041 0.213 0.746 -1.0 -0.172
DAILYMAIL BREAKING NEWS: Up to 1,500 Americans including 23 California school students are STILL stuck in Afghanistan: Blinken blames citizens for not leaving earlier as CIA and US helicopters start conducting missions to get everyone out 2021-08-25 0.065 0.122 0.813 -1.0 -0.057
NYPOST Through four wars, toll mounts on a Gaza neighborhood 2021-08-25 0.042 0.176 0.782 -1.0 -0.134
BREITBART ***Live Updates*** Suicide Bombing Outside Kabul Airport 2021-08-26 0.037 0.174 0.789 -1.0 -0.137
DAILYMAIL 'We'll make you pay': Emotional Biden vows to 'hunt down' ISIS-K for double suicide bomb attack that killed 13 US troops and 90 Afghans as he and Boris Johnson pledge rescue flights WILL continue 2021-08-26 0.049 0.207 0.744 -1.0 -0.158
DAILYMAIL Final US flights leave Kabul before Taliban takes over: Jets depart 'every 20 minutes' before tomorrow's midnight deadline after ISIS-K launched five rockets at airport 2021-08-30 0.112 0.168 0.72 -1.0 -0.056
DAILYMAIL Car bomb threat forces State Dept to CLOSE Kabul airport to US citizens with up to 1.5K still stranded: 345 seater plane leaves empty because evacuees couldn't get past Taliban 2021-08-26 0.062 0.11 0.827 -1.0 -0.048
GUARDIAN How the US created a world of endless war 2021-08-31 0.089 0.205 0.705 -1.0 -0.116
NYT ‘A Sadness I Can’t Carry’: The Story Of The Drum 2021-08-31 0.08 0.142 0.779 -1.0 -0.062
DAILYMAIL PICTURED: New Zealand knifeman who attacked seven people before police shot him dead can finally be named after judge scraps gagging order for Sri Lankan refugee who ranted online against 'Kiwi scum' 2021-09-04 0.059 0.206 0.734 -1.0 -0.147
GUARDIAN Far-right terror poses bigger threat to US than Islamist extremism post-9/11 2021-09-08 0.049 0.329 0.622 -1.0 -0.28
DAILYMAIL Child is killed in rocket attack: Explosion rocks neighbourhood near Kabul airport as US Embassy orders everyone to leave amid 'specific, credible' threat after ISIS-K suicide blast that killed 170 2021-08-29 0.105 0.134 0.761 -1.0 -0.029
DAILYMAIL South Carolina law firm reports its attorney Alex Murdaugh for 'misappropriating over $1m' as he enters rehab for 'oxycodone addiction' three months after wife and son were murdered 2021-09-08 0.022 0.203 0.775 -1.0 -0.181
DAILYMAIL 'We will make you pay': Biden vows to 'hunt down' ISIS-K for double suicide bomb attack that killed 12 US troops and 60 Afghans and tells Pentagon to draw up airstrike plans. Takes responsibility for carnage BUT stands by troop withdrawal 2021-08-26 0.055 0.195 0.75 -1.0 -0.14
DAILYMAIL Never have I seen such horror... is that why journalists were bundled out so early? STUART RAMSAY, who was in the gully at Kabul airport hours before it was bombed, sends a vivid and angry last dispatch from Afghanistan as the country is lost to extremists 2021-08-27 0.057 0.216 0.728 -1.0 -0.159
TELEGRAPH 20 years of turmoil: How 9/11 shaped our world today 2021-09-10 0.077 0.159 0.763 -1.0 -0.082
DAILYMAIL Alex Murdaugh is driven to JAIL with a police escort as he is CHARGED with 'paying hitman to kill him so surviving son would get $10m insurance' three months after wife and son were found murdered 2021-09-16 0.037 0.189 0.774 -1.0 -0.152
VICE Snapchat Is Fuelling Britain's Teen Murder Epidemic 2021-09-24 0.07 0.245 0.685 -1.0 -0.175
DAILYMAIL 'She left this world far too early': Sabina Nessa's sister breaks down in tears as she pays tribute to the teacher at a vigil just yards from where she was killed as Kate Middleton says she is 'saddened by the loss of another innocent young woman on our streets' 2021-09-24 0.091 0.188 0.721 -1.0 -0.097
DAILYMAIL 'A mission unlike anything we've seen in our lifetimes': Boris Johnson praises UK troops on last flight out of Kabul ahead of 'remorseless deadline' - but PM says Britain 'will return' after 150 Brits and 1,000 Afghans were left behind 2021-08-29 0.078 0.134 0.788 -1.0 -0.056
POLITICO The ‘Bad Cop’ Who Rules Miami 2021-10-22 0.073 0.148 0.778 -1.0 -0.075